The Results

“In every design, Michael infuses a spirit of collaboration and fun that uplifts the entire team.”

Redesigning a risk management adjudication tool.

CIBC’s risk adjudication team has stopped using their software in favour of Excel. In order to make sure their 20 year old software was robust and compliant, I was brought in to simplify the complexity of the tool, and align the design with CIBC’s personal banking website.


Reduction in Development Time

I started with building a design system

The first thing I needed to do was to bring unification to all of their software. In order to align all the microservices, I designed a scalable component library based off of their CIBC personal banking to reflect their overall brand.

Where we started

Designed in the year 2000, their big fish was their adjudication tool which reflected the early internet in it’s design. I designed a north star to show stakeholders a vision of what the future could look like, and how these services fit in the larger picture.

How we finished