The Results

“In every design, Michael infuses a spirit of collaboration and fun that uplifts the entire team.”

Redesigning commerce for business mobility.

Telus needed to get it’s business users on their platform rather than going to third party vendors. I was brought in to help merge the business team and the mobility team and build a unified experience that worked across the organization.

Where we started

Telus’ previous business plans and phones pages both required their users to do the extra leg work, and call in to talk to an agent about options for their companies.

Often business owners would call in to a 3rd party vendor to get better deals than what was offered on the site and over the phone.


Configuration of phones and plans in incredibly complicated, and there are 8 separate stages that vary depending on a user’s logged in state.

All of these must be condensed onto an iPhone 5/ SE that would allow a plan to be configured, and to suggest another phone or service would be purchasable.

How we finished

In order to get the configurations to useful on an iPhone 5/ SE, we used drawers to make contextual configuration options.