Air Canada

The Results

“In every design, Michael infuses a spirit of collaboration and fun that uplifts the entire team.”

Building out a comprehensive design system.

Air Canada’s design team was splintered into multiple channels, and the design work was showing a wide variance.

I was brought in to audit the work done, and consolidate it into a design system.

I started with a file audit

The team’s files were incredibly organized, and their folder structures had been well planned to onboard new designers.

Duplicate Elements

After doing a content audit, I rounded up all the elements and compared them. The final components were decided by multiple design teams across the organization to ensure the right styles were implemented. These were then designed to scale responsively.

Where we focused

When diving deep into the research, there were 3 distinct challenges that surfaced.

There were 2 major user groups that we had to focus on. The ‘Campaign’ and ‘Pipeline’ users which made up the focused single users, and the diverse multi-threaded user.

We found that figuring out where to go created a sense of navigation fatigue. Finding what you needed was often hidden behind layered menus, and it needed to be more accessible.

And finally, there was a problem with defaulting to calling campaign agents. Often, users would get stuck navigating hitpath, and default to calling the account team to manage their campaign. We had to help reduce those calls.